Da Boyz Car Club


Welcome to the website for Da Boyz Car Club. This site was created by Mark Norton and is dedicated to car guys near and far. And there was no other car guy out there like Mark. Unfortunately we lost Mark on September 10th, 2020 to brain cancer. It has been devastating to friends and family, but I wanted to keep this website that Mark created going in his honor. I will continue to post interesting stuff as Mark would have, but I need your help in a couple of ways. One, to keep the memories of Mark alive for all to enjoy, please send me stories and pictures and I'll continually post them on the Mark Norton page. I'd like this page to grow into a real memorial for Mark. The "Mark's Vette Project" page is a history of the rehabilitation of his 1962 Corvette that formerly adorned this home page. I've moved this entire content, pictures and all of Mark's words to that page for all to see.  Speaking of  Mark's Corvette, he received it as a wonderful and heartfelt gift from his dear friend Frank.

The second way I could use your help is by supplying me with pictures and content of cars you own or owned and car shows you attend. You can send any of this info to tony@daboyzcarclub.com or tdolceamore@gmail.com. Thank you Tim Dreher for this great picture of Mark and a very big thank you to Ed Kacperowski for updating the "Da Boyz" logo in Mark's honor! ‚Äč

Tony "Marty Chipwood" Dolceamore