Then we hopped on a Helicopter to see it from the air.

Check out these crazy big turbines.

This is a Bronze monument made to show how the men climbed down the cavern and behind is the remains of an original crane set up that they used to transport the concrete to build the dam.

Saturday we visited Hoover Dam!

We made our way to Freimont Street.

Where they just happened to be having a professional Chili cook off with somewhere around 70 contestants.

Also another 70 or so for the Barbaque competion.

We played tourist one day and found the "Pawn Stars" shop!

There is something for everyone here at Sema, even Tony,

Above is the view from our room looking up the strip at night!

Lots to see on the strip like the Fountains at the Bellagio water and light show! Water cannons shooting water in all directions all syncronized to music and lights! (we only watched this 4 times, it is too cool with a different show each time)

Or the erupting volcano at the Mirage Hotel right next door to our Hotel.

Unbelieveable paint jobs all around, like this custom airbrush job on this trucks rims!

Nice room location overlooking the strip.



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               Foose Custom as seen on TV

Dennis Cage from the show My Classic cars gives a shout out to DaBoyz

Robert Yates


Barry Meguiar


The legendary Chip Foose!

Busy and Big show!

Da Boyz Car Club

What a view!

What a great trip!

This is a great shot of Lake Meade, Hoover Dam and the newly constructed bridge!

I do believe the Pilot told us we were at a couple thousand feet, We were traveling at 142 MPH ground speed. It sure didn't feel it.

700 feet down an elevator, we took a walk to the turbines.

The Freimont Street Experience light show at night was incredible ! Its said to be the worlds largest Led Screen. This really was cool!

Great equipment!

Award winning BBQ chefs everywhere!

Rick's truck.

We got a tour of Rick's restoration. The guys on the show were there and actually working!

Also the show "American Restorations" Rick's restoration.

Another place had this custom body wrap with sparkling clear coat wrap on top. Very cool stuff! Looking at it, it looked like a bubble wrap like texture but it was smooth as silk to the touch.

We all really enjoyed checking out the "film" booths. These are the companies that "wrap" the cars with this film with any color or design. There were quite a few of them. We talked with these guys for a while and came back the next day to watch them wrap part of this mini Cooper. I particularly liked the Matte finish and metal finished wraps while Old school Pipo liked all the old school Shiny stuff!

Wholly crap!


Danny "The Count" Koker left and Kevin Mack right from the show Counting Cars

Nascar and "top Gears" Rutledge Wood.

Dennis Cage from "My Classic Car"

Willie Robertson (duck Dynasty)

The Cars, above. and, the stars, below.

Sema road trip 2013!!! Yup road trip to Las Vegas. This trip was actually thought up by Tim Drehers wife and daughters and was given to him as a surprise for his 60th birthday! Knock off another thing on his bucket list. Don Pipo and Mark Norton went along for the ride and what an experience it has been. Vegas is quite a place and this SEMA convention is unbelievable. Anything and Everything is here that has to do with the automotive industry! Times 10! So far we have walked miles and miles and really havent seen it all.