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Bucket list trip, The 2016 Rolex 24 hours at Daytona!
We are Back from our Trip to the Rolex 24 at Daytona. What a great time!
Mark Norton, Don Pipo, Tim Dreher and Bill took the camper down for the event. We stopped the first night In Charlotte N.C. and spent the next day visiting Stewart Haas and Penske racing Shops and also the Nascar hall of fame and the North Carolina auto sports Hall of Fame. Great day. Then we drove to Daytona and spent Thursday through Sunday camping in the infield at the newly renovated Daytona international speedway. What a cool experience!Type your paragraph here

Billy Allert took this shot. It's a good one! Taken on the boardwalk at the edge of Lake Lloyd. This spot was literally 100 feet from our site! That is the start of the back straight away coming out of turn 2!
Oh yeah there are some pretty good size fish in that lake!!

That is Cliff's motor home and trailer and Porsche! Nice set up! Between his rig and our rig were a very nice couple Rob and Donna! (pictured here in front of their motor home by the fire!

Daboyz at night!

We arrived in Daytona Thursday morning around 9:30. Pretty dreary day but we pulled in to a VERY nice spot. Which, to our surprise the site had Electric, Water and Cable tv hookups! Something we were not planning on  having! Good score!
It is also happened to be in a GREAT location. Centrally located in the infield with bathrooms and showers right across from us! It also had two viewing area's right there. EXCELLENT location! Plus, we as usual met some new friends.
The weather was not very nice on Thursday at all, but as usual we were prepared. We had heaters and enclosures so we were good. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the weather was awesome sunny and mid 60's to 70 ish.  I have to say that the job they did at the track was spectacular. Quite a difference since we went to the 2007 Daytona 500.  The new "Stadium" is awesome! If you have never been there you should give it a go!

Another night shot by Pipo. This was from the lower area of the stands!


Seems that at one of our first stops for gas we were in a tight fueling area. Still Lots of snow piles everywhere. Norton had to do a bit of A Jack-knife jockeying to get out and must have pulled the power cord out. So at the next fuel stop 3 hours Later Billy noticed it. So while in the store paying for fuel  and a sandwich Billy asked where the nearest auto parts store was. Turns out it was right down the street. He called them. they had the part we went there got the $9.00 part. Pipo and Billy tackled the job and we were on our way losing only a half hour total time! And that was it for any problems the whole trip. Pretty good for 7 days and 2300 or so miles!   

More pictures from Bill Allert. We truly were just walking distance from great race viewing area's.

Our new good friends Cliff and Heidi

Well the first stop, Charlotte N.C. was quite a busy day. We visited the Nascar Hall of fame first. Then the North Carolina auto racing hall of Fame, Then the Team Penske Shop and finally the shop of Stewart Haas racing! We then went back to the camper and hooked up and took off south and headed for Daytona! We drove till 2:00 A.m. to get as close to Daytona as possible! We did good! We were 2 hours away!  Busy but very fun and cool day!

This is a great picture taken by Pipo on race night. We went over to the new "Stadium" and watched the race from over the other side! Too cool, you could see the Whole 3.5 mile track. and at night! Wholly crap was that cool! But the best part of this shot is, Right next to and just behind the white building  you can see our camper and our EZ up tent. As you can see a prime location. The white building was Showers. A set of grandstands were right there as well. And just across the lake was the back stretch!
We couldn't have done much better I don't think!

Da boyz by day!