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sub frame was completely out of the car and sand blasted and redone. It all looks great. The engine is perfectly done! More to come!


The Harley and the Nova

This site looks very familiar. Though Jim's has only been in this position a short while compared to Bob's and my project.

Jim Paone known as Big Jim is a big time car guy and gear head. Long overdue to this website. He has a Vette and a Harley and is in the middle of a complete resto of this 1970 Chevy Nova. The below pictures are from my phone Camera but we will get some better shots soon. Everything is coming out great! Pretty much every part has been or is being removed and restored and put back. And Jim has a ginormos big block with big horsepower that he slid in there. (details when I get them) all painted up nice and new with nice brackets and extras! It's all looking real Good!