Da Boyz Car Club

Pictured from left to right:

Gregg, one of Da Boyz from Jersey, Russ, one of Da Boyz from Michigan, Zeb, one of Da Boyz from Michigan, Ringo, one of Da Boyz from Michigan (and styling a fantastically bright shirt I might add) Tim, one of Da Boyz from Jersey, Marty Chipwood (aka Tony), one of Da Boyz from Jersey, and Vic, one of Da Boyz from Michigan. Mark was with us in spirit and his bucket list shirt along with one of Da Boyz coffee mugs was front and center.

A quick bit about Da Boyz from Michigan. Mark and some of Da Boyz from Point Pleasant met these guys out at the Fall Carlisle event some 20 plus years ago, before I was part of the crew. A quick friendship ensued and this bunch of knuckleheads joined up with our bunch of knuckleheads and the rest is history. While the Michigan boys had their own spaces at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, we shared campsites, laughs, and a bit of adult beverages (aka moonshine!) at the Western Village RV Park on the other end of town. The pic below was taken at Vic's house, Saturday evening, August 21st, 2021

Mark had a bucket list of places he wanted to go and events he wanted to attend. As you can imagine, these were mostly car related things! Tim Dreher and I decided we would continue to fulfill Mark's bucket list items in his honor. Heck, either one or both of us would have been party to these knucklehead trips anyway! So a few months ago, Tim called me up and asked if I'd like to go on the 2021 Hot Rod Power Tour. He and his brother Gregg had done it in the past and Gregg has actually done it a few times. Well I naturally said YES! and started getting Tiffany (the 1966 Chevy C10) ready for the excursion. An oil change, a check of all the components, getting the brake lights to work again, and the addition of a new 3.08 posi rear and we were ready to rock.

Since the start of the tour was in Norwalk Ohio, so very close to Detroit, where, coincidentally a couple of other bucket list items would take place, namely the Woodward Dream Cruise and a visit with Da Boyz from Michigan in their natural habitat, we decided to head out a few days early to add to the list. 

So, the bucket list on this trip included, but was not limited to, The Hot Rod Power Tour, The Woodward Dream Cruise, a visit with Da Boyz from Michigan, AND a visit to the Henry Ford Museum. Under the "Mark's Bucket List Continues!" heading on the left, you'll see pages for each of these adventures, all in Mark's honor. Below is a pic of Mark's Official Bucket List Shirt. We will continue to have the events embroidered on the sleeve as he did. ​​