Da Boyz Car Club

Back in the day the 1977 Suzuki RM 125 leaning up against the ultra cool and slow 1974 mustang II.

Ahh the Olds.


Here's his big boy toy 2005 Harley Springer Softail.

Just a few parts to go.

Engine before.

Getting started. Is that a can of never dull I see?

That stuff works great! Parts coming out nice.

So Josh found another toy from his past. A 1972 Honda CT 70. Here is some shots of the breakdown.

Well this is a fun page to start up for me! So I have to say a few words before we get to his stuff. Josh and I grew up together from the time I was 8 and he was 6 till we all moved out of our parents home. We had great times as kids living across the street from each other on a very hilly street that was the best for all things wheeled (and sledding). We all built nonpowered go carts and took the hill by storm. As we got a bit older things started to get more fun with our self introduction into gas powered toys. All hand made of course from junk we could find, and all extremely safe! Yeah right! a 5 hp go cart with no brakes and a belt pulley as a steering wheel! Anyway if it wasn't for those times with the Fowler boys I can truly say I probably wouldn't be so into the hobby of motorized toys as I am today. His brother Peter was and incredible restorer even way back then. He built the best most meticulous models and bikes etc. They had snowmobiles and dirt bikes all the time. Josh got very into the dirt bike scene. Josh has decided to start collecting as many of his past toys as possible. He started with a 1969 Honda mini trail. The pictures are below. And I'm pretty sure this bike didn't look this good when it came out of the box new! Really nice resto.