Da Boyz Car Club

Here's a picture of Ringo cooking up some fresh deer meat and also Pictures of his 1936 John Deere BO which I've been told he has had for 20 years and is now in the midst of a complete resto on it. Also There is a picture of his very very nice 1965 442! And from what I understand the sumbitch has lots more cool stuff hanging out on the ponderosa. Like his very spacious camper! Ok Ringo wins! Just added to his collection a Zamboni! Yep you heard me a Zamboni! Now who the F&#@ does anyone know who owns one ofthese? Now these nut jobs took the Zamboni for a ride from Ringo's house to downtown for a parade. Ron called me on the way said it was a 5 mile ride and the Zamboni does 9 MPH so it took them 40 minutes to get to town. What a bunch of mad men is all I can say.