The big guns exiting the "boot" 

And this one too! The red cooler looking box is just that, A cooler. We were talking to one of the techs in the garage and they fill the box with frozen cooler packs and they fill it up with water and there is a little bilge pump that pumps cold water to the drivers suit which has mini hoses in it to cool him down!

Well the now annual Watkins Glen Tudor series race weekend has come and gone! A good time was had by all I would say.   

Half the crew got there some time during the day on Thursday the other half before noon on Friday which both Thursday and Friday were very nice days

Not so much very nice on Saturday that's for sure! Rained from 9 in the morning till late in the evening. but they did still race. They did have to cancel a few small events at the end of the day due to flooding!

But we were prepared as best as we could be. Pretty much as I could see we were about the best set up for the conditions. Though I personally wasn't prepared for the cool temps! Someone didn't bring long pants or a sweatshirt!

Food was over the top as usual with way too much of everything! Ribs, pulled pork, chicken wings , specialty hamburgers and Thuman's dogs, incredible baked beans. And that was just for the 3 days lunches. The lobster and Drunken clams with Blackened Mako bites and Chef kyle's lemon spiced Mako steaks was an awesome nights dinner. But the Filet Mignon with baked potatoes salad and blackened shrimp wasn't bad!    And with the usual amount of bacon and pork roll and eggs breakfast was BIG as well.

Oh yeah that's right we were at a race. We did make it down to the garage area a couple times on Friday as usual lots and lots of cool stuff! And the cars on the dry surface were hauling ass. and they may be much slower in the rain they are still moving pretty good considering the condition's! Type your paragraph here.

looks pretty dry from here

setting  up first day

Our spots are just about right on the number 5 which is pretty good viewing!Type your paragraph here.

Whats everyone looking at?

Lots of stuff going on in here!.

The view from the cooking station was great!

The Lamborghini  area was sick.

Max is ready! A couple more years Max!

Set up for the rain

Not this one though! The eventual winner!Type your paragraph here.

The usual suspects and their usual shenanigans

The garage area is just so cool. You walk around checking everything out as cars cruise by like this delta wing

I don't have any clue what Timmy was telling us but looks like he sure got our attention!

Most of these pictures were taken by Pipo! This one is pretty cool cause as you see the Corvette exiting the boot you can see three other cars at the top of the picture down in the boot. You can't believe the elevation changes at this track!

And it rained pretty good during tudor qualifying. As you can see on this Ferrari! 

Allot of action going on right in front of us as they pass entering the boot.

Uh oh, clean up isle 5

Thats it! Another fun trip

 As you can see Billy Allert isn't on this trip. Unfortunately he had conflicting things this weekend as he camped at a tractor show.  And I'm not saying that because he is not in any pictures. I'm saying it because there is a fire pit set up under the tarp. let alone under an enclosed tent. That would never have happened under his watch. There are multiple violations here for sure!

The Below pictures are from Tim Dreher

The view during the ugliest time during Saturdays Continental Tires sports car challenge 250!

They let me sit in this corvette

What rain?

Another cool garage moment. We talked with a guy here as well. They were just finishing up an engine change. They blew the motor the day before and somebody in there crew drove to Philly and back with a new one!

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