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So I told you he was always busy doing something well he doesn't only take care of the equipment that you normally think of. He also helps take care of the irrigation system. Yup that's a big ass sprinkler system! Bill found that some of the problems that they had been having with the systems were with the circuit boards going bad. After replacing a few complete boards and Bill being, Well Bill! He took one home an went through the bad one, found what was wrong with it and got the part needed to repair it, repaired it and had one on the shelf ready for the next breakdown.

So Guess what? Billy has started himself  a nice little niche sprinkler board repair business!

Here is his business card. more pictures to follow!

Below is of Billy's latest edition to the splitter, electric Start! 

Got it home and it ran. After a short time the engine died. Well that's no problem. When you live out in the sticks either you or your neighbor has a spare right? Of course! Billys neighbor just happened to have the exact motor! This one here for now anyway isn't getting restored it's going to push snow!

 Click blue buttons below to hear it purrrrrrr/ Or should I say putt, & plow.

Ok well that's it! Ha, just kidding. So Billy and his son Danny go to this big Wheel Horse tractor show.

Its a good thing they decided to bring the camper (which by the way is a 1973 coachman that Billy and I restored years ago and he took it over and did even more to it)

because his Son Danny got into a raffle and won a complete running unrestored I believe 1961 Wheel Horse. Shown below.  

Finally he is caught up on his restorations! Not!!!! So during the last resto Which I do believe was the wheel horse you just saw. he finds this piece at a vendors shop and strikes a great deal. 

Another super fine restoration by Billy

Ok so later came and away he went

Ok so somewhere after the go cart, the mini bikes and the Allis but before the Log splitter and the trailer. Billy stumbled across this beauty. An early 60's Wheel Horse garden tractor. He put it to the side for a later resto.

Billy has a nice shop at work at his disposal as well, nice having a lift to use. But just a little side note, most of his work is done at home in his shed! 

TADA! Nothing to it.

So now he is all bad with himself welding away, he took Timmy Drehers old Pop up camper frame and built himself a nice rack side yard trailer! Pictured below

Click the above blue button to see her go at it.

Mean while back at the ranch where Billy likes to heat his house with wood. He decides heck, why buy a wood splitter when I can build one. So he did!

Side view of same cart. He also completely restored two mini bikes!  The red mini bike is a 1963? Bonanza. Many parts like the engine, a 3.5hp Tecumseh, are nos (new old stock) & period correct. Frame is candyapple red powder coat. Fenders were repaired & rechromed by Pauls Chrome Plating in Evans City,Pa. They are considered one of the best on the East coast. The blue mini bike is an early 70's Bonanza BC1300 & is completely stock. All parts are original & correct. Engine is a Tecumseh 4hp.  He came to two different car shows. Once with his go cart and once with a mini bike and both times he attracted more lookers than most of the cars!

I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, The Allis Chalmers resto didn't start till after these fine machines below were done.

Billy purchased this Kart quite a few years back in Carlisle and it was one of his happiest purchases. He has completely restored it to better than new! Many hours have been spent grinding and welding and sanding the frame in preparation for powder coating. In his words "the kart was built in 1960 by Duke Fox of Fox Manufacturing Co. in Fort Smith, AR. They are still in business today. The engines are Clinton A500 2 cycle kart engines that are modified. The sheet metal is all new & was fabricated in CA. by an expert kart builder. Upholstery was made here in NJ by Gioia Sails. Fox Power decals on kart were donated by Fox Manufacturing. These were the only karts they made & few exist today.......

And below the finished product. Nothing short of PERFECT!

Didn't look this good when it was new!

Billy all suited up and getting final instructions at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. He did this on one of Daboyz race weekends. 

Bill's son Danny used to race this cart! So of course Billy had a cool set up as the head wrench of the team. 

Billy Purchased this Allis Chalmers in Carlisle quite a few years back. He added the snowplow soon after. Then used the tractor for a few years. Then the resto began!

This is where it all happens! The "shed" billy converted a normal old shed to a mini barn to house all his mini motor stuff. ( he added a tent room for painting and such, as well)

Billy always has something cool going on toy wise. From toy trains to mini bikes and go carts to tractors to building his own trailers and wood splitters he has some nice stuff. Check out his really cool website at Radio-Treasures.com 

Billy's Daily driver ( for lawn cutting that is)