Da Boyz Car Club

I do believe this is Max' first motorized toy. So of course it had to be a cool gas powered one. Chris needs to send me some updated stuff. But they know what there doing up on the lake!

Nicest camp site I have ever stayed at !

Chris' truck. 1 ton diesel 2004 with 29k on it. It is clean as a whistle. He also has his very nice dump trailer!

Chris built this dock and boat house himself. That is all 6 inch galvinized box steel. He completely fabricated a boat lift in the boat house from scratch. The lift under the awning (awning made by Bob Stacy) was a junker Chris picked up and redid and now houses his 60 plus MPH jet ski!

One of Chris' favorite toys. The polaris Ranger! The thing is an animal. Fast and rugged. Chris has acres and acres of property available to him that he can ride for hours. he took me for a quick spin through the woods,fields, creeks and gulleys. And he took it easy on me. (we still went plenty fast and got wet and muddy) lots of fun! Plus he used it to clear lots o stuff off the property.

As you can see Chris made one hell of a nice place to live! But also to visit. He set me up with this very nice camp site over looking his property and house, to across the lake.


Here's Chris in a place he is at often but not for long. Though he has a good size piece of property he cuts the lawn in no time cause this thing flys!

Chris on his old reliable! Not in picture are many attachments. newly purchased cutting deck, air-rator attachment plus the forks the bucket and of course a rake.

The driveway to the water Chris built with his toys


One of Chris' favorite toys. He completely redid his home when he got it, and purchased this to Landscape a very over grown piece of property. Building rock walls and a driveway to the lake the place is just incredible.

The New York State boyz winter rides! Max is on his to left. Notice the helmet cam on his helmet! Chris' is to the right. Nice machines.

Now here is a fun ride!

Nice pump.

Chris has allot of cool stuff and a real cool garage to go along with his beautiful home. The first three pictures are of some new acquisitions. Also check out Chris' son Max' You tube page following him snowmobiling with his helmet cam!