Da Boyz Car Club

Very cool Neon stuff

Well since I didn't sell anything, I didn't buy anything!

That doesn't mean I didn't look . I found this Gem in the infield! The owner said he has been bringing it here for years!
I must have walked by it 100 times then!
It's an early 70's STARCRAFT motor home! Big ass international V8! original onan generator the size of a safe and probably weighs the same! Shag carpet 3 inches deep! Second owner. Stored in a barn   70, 000 miles!
This thing was built by the StarCraft boat company! It is a two piece fiberglass body. Very cool. $7000.00!
it's a good thing we don't have room!

So Fall Carlisle has come and gone and boy was it different this year! In Many ways!
With Timmy's wife having surgery and not being able to attend which also meant no Pipo or Greg! AND, Tony having back to back business trips That took him out!
It went from starting out with 4 guys going to our first visit to Fall Carlise. To  one year having close to 10, to this years whopping total of 2! 
Bill Allert, One of the original members of this 24 year fall trip came with me this year after about a 4 year absence! 
Considering the forecast we actually did pretty well! The drive out there was very nice weather wise. Only problem there was we were bullshitting and missed our exit!
Did you know it was 25 miles till the next exit? Us either!
But it turned out to be a neat thing with us taking very cool back roads to the campground!
Weather wise, as predicted it wasn't too good of a weekend! So much so we came back a day early!
We were lucky that traveling out was no rain. setting up the camper, no rain! Setting up the fairgrounds, no rain! breaking down the fairground's a little rain <not bad, Same with breaking down he campsite to come home. Thursdays weather was good so we were able to get around a bunch and it didn't start to rain till just before we left. and Friday was good in the morning and we got around good then. But it just tuned to a big wet mess after that.
But despite all of that we had a good time! the usual 5 Boyz from Michigan were there camping with us. We didn't have every meal planned. But did have major Seafood night with Lobster, shrimp. clams, tuna, and ribs! And one Filet mignon night. So of course we didn't starve! 

We return from our dinner/night recon job to find Da Michigan Boyz in there nightly meeting!
Some things never change!

The booth turned our pretty good!
Even the scaled down cooking station worked out perfectly!

So with a little extra cash in his pocket from all his sales, Billy made a purchase.
An old school metal cooler!
Very nice shape with it's original can/bottle opener attached under the lid!

.The Neon guy's booth looked great.
And guess what? The Michigan boys were bullshitting us! Go figure!

We new the rain was coming and as usual were more than ready! the key word is stay dry!. We, without a doubt have this down to a science equipment wise! But even when we started  out 24 years ago with pop ups and every kinda tarp set up you can imagine!. We always stay dry! .

Bill Allert is back!
As previously mentioned Bill is an original member of all of this car show stuff when we first started and is also a bucket list member!
The Boys from Michigan were really glad to see him and as said we all had fun. But after Billy started telling his tails of how it always rains when he goes camping. They said they would love to see him in another 5 years! 

Always some fun and nice stuff here!
The bottom pcture is one of those true new/old school hotrods. Corvette rear suspension, custom tricked out front suspension, Disc breaks, air-conditioning.  late model Vette motor!
Old School look New school everything else!

The two tables were all Billy's stuff. Random thing but enough to fill two tables!
This picture is the second day before the rain started! Billy was already half sold out of his stuff!

Thursday,mid morning in the car Coral area. The place was empty. this was definitely weather related. There were more cars Friday but not allot and they left early!
Those of you that know this view know it's NEVER this empty!

So after a long drive and a big camp set up we decided to treat ourselves to a nice cracker barrel dinner.
Just before we left for dinner . Da Boyz from Michigan told us that somebody was in our vending booth at the Fairgrounds,

So at Dinner we decided to do some night recon at the fairgrounds After we ate! So we did! Pretty neat at night there! Never did that before!

So here is the 2015 Fairgrounds booth! We used less than 25% of our space! But still looked good! .

Western Village campground never fails to have at LEAST one "something" different trailer of some sort.
Here is this years!

Well like I said some things never change! Notice I parked myself right, and I mean right next to the door! This is when I left!
What happens in the trailer stays in the trailer!

Well I certainly have stood in this same spot an awful lot over the years!
Take note of the clear enclosure panels! Like I said key word is dry! But Thursday the day this picture wa taken it didn't rain till late, BUT, it was 57 degrees and the wind on that hill was moving pretty good so those panels were PERFECT wind blocks!