Da Boyz Car Club

Da Start of it All


It all started some 20 some odd years ago with the first road trip/camping trip to York Pa and the NSRA annual show. The crew consisted of Billy Allert, Tim Dreher, Ron Kwiatkowski, Mark Norton, Don Pipo, Garry Stamberger and Keith Tomeseiwski. At the show we all decided we should  try and do a show every year! Well we did! The next year we went to Fall Carlisle and we have been going there ever since. Aside from Keith all the rest of the guys have been coming the whole time! Only a couple years in we ran into a crew of guys from Michigan who had been doing the same thing as us but for 10 years already. We all became fast friends and I know I look forward to seeing everyone every year! A few years later Tony Dolceamore joined the fray. He was the perfect fit for this Knucklehead society. Tony and I then got our own vending booth space at the fairgrounds. We sell a bunch of stuff like having a big once a year garage sale. So since then we have the  annual Gathering of New Jersey and Michigan Knuckleheads at both the campgrounds and the fairgrounds. There is a little drinking and eating involved as well! Good times! 

Since the start of it all we have also been attending some auto racing and other stuff car related. We decided to put a website together to showcase all our cars and other hobbies and also have a little reminder of past shows and races we have attended! Since we started the website we have had other friends send pictures of their stuff that we have added along the way. It's fun to keep up with everybody's stuff!