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Nice job old man!

Finally Done! And a nice job at that!

~~Jimmy Started building a Custom 41 Ford. Got the Body Chopped and stretched a Vette Chassis to fit the body. At the same time one of his best friends from his youth Dennis was starting to hot rod a 1946 Chevy pick up. In the early stages of both projects Dennis found out he had cancer. Jimmy put his project to the side and he and another friend Larry both pitched in and helped Dennis get the truck re-powered with a nice small Block and a 6 speed transmission and got it on the road. Dennis was able to drive his toy before he passed. Jimmy now owns the truck and has done some nice stuff to it. He has sold the 41 Ford and plans on Finishing Dennis' project. Finally Jimmy finished the body work and had the truck painted! It looks great! The 41 Ford was sold to a guy named Gorden from upstate New York. Nice guy.

Unfortunately our dear friend Jimmy passed away at the age of 71 on Christmas eve 2016. Rest in peace good sir.