Da Boyz Car Club

Tony and I admired a guys Cushman minute miser at the fairgrounds. I am home two days and what do I find on Craig's list? That's right almost the same thing! So may I introduce parlay industries newest investment. The Carlisle cruiser!

Sales were down for the first few days but got a little better as the weekend rolled on. Still not the greatest. But I got a call after we packed up and were back at the campground and a deal was struck on the above pictured King midget! The guy picked it up the next day at the campground! 11th hour sale made the weekend!

Note to self! Tony is not allowed to leave the booth late in the day the last day unattended. We have been noticing a pattern here lately. Last year it was a last minute 66 Dodge Scooby doo van and now this year a little gas powered promo item. I shouldn't say he was unattended. Mr. Pipo was with him. BIG HELP THERE! PIPO!! He has some justifications for the purchase and they all suck. But it is kinda cool and runs good and pretty quick!

Wed. 8:00 A.M. booth tent is up. Our weekend porta John (with sink mind you) is in place. Everyone can come now I set everything up!


Tony and wingnut arrive a bit after 9:00. Tony and I had everything set up by 11:00! This is where we hang till Saturday! Of course there is also another cooking area here where we cook and serve breakfast and lunch for 3 days! And maybe a couple of cocktails?

We had a Celebrity in our booth. Well as big a celeb as you'll find in our booth in Carlisle. And no it's not Tony. He is a celebrity in his own mind! Its Jackie Hollywood from American Pickers! Ba da bing!

Tim Dreher, Dressed in the latest in campground casual, According to the famous fashion icon Tony Dolceamore!

Doesn't everyone have a portable rheostatically controlled chandelier for use over their picnic table. Thanks again Mr. Pipo for wiring that up for us years ago! Seems there were some campers in the area trying to mess with us and the lighting thing. Your not going to let that happen are you Pipo!?

Well another fall Carlisle has come and gone! I think it safe to say a good time was had by all! The weather was real good! Probably the nicest ever! Almost too hot. As usual it's great getting together with the knuckleheads from Michigan, And taillight Johnny too! Not many pictures taken but here's what I got and I'll add more when they come in!

Site 82, Tuesday set up and ready for the rest of DaBoyz! Same site every year for most of our 21 years going there!

Always a pretty elaborate set up. With our 10 x 10 ez-up AKA kitchen stadium, which gets real good use!