Da Boyz Car Club

Another very fun and cool weekend

Another GT car ready to go. This Whelan's sponsored Corvette was driven by Boris Said.

An hour before the race starts all the cars are put in their pit stalls and anyone can do the "Fan Walk" and see the cars and drivers and teams up close.

A Ferrari ready to go in the garage.

This is a very fan friendly venue, where you can get up close to everything. Pictured here is one of the drivers of the Chip Ganassi team, Memo Rojas cruising on his bike back to the garage area from the pits. Across the track over his left shoulder is our set up. The big black motor home with the Flag on it is Joe "mcgoo" McKinley and the rest of us are to his left. You can see our trucks against the fence "our viewing stands".

The garage area was very cool with all very high end haulers and tractor trailers like this one for Jack Rousch Jr.

Jimmy Anderson's grandson, Matt had a terrible time at the races. The Girls were asking to pose with him.

They had trick bikers for entertainment.

Looks to me here like Mr. Pipo is splainin it all to Berger,Norton and Timmy.

New for this year in rolex is the Corvette. It sure doesn't look like a corvette! All these Daytona prototype cars ran down the straightaway where we were camping at around 185 MPH!

Tony Dolceamore got these cool shots of the cars in the staging area just before heading to the track for final practice! This Suntrust corvette was the Pole sitter and eventual winner. His Pole speed was a minute fifteen seconds at an average speed of 107 MPH. Which is pretty fast considering it is 2.25 miles around and 14 turns.

Two more regular Knuckleheads . The famous Garry 'Berger" Stamberger. And Greg Dreher.

I say regular because they are part of the Regular crew that attends most of this car stuff.

Billy Allert and Norton race day ready. dressed in the appropriate race attire. Norton with his t-shirt from last years race and Billy with his O-ficial Rolex series Polo! Billy's camper is very official with flag poles and flags and stickers and pendants. I hope he sends some pictures he is quite the seasoned vet at this by now.

Ahhhh It's the notorius Pipo and Timmy. These two knuckleheads are the ones you gotta watch out for.

Scott Pruet locked and loaded for the last practice on race day.

Early morning race day stop in the garage area for close up shots. Lots-o-stuff going on in the cockpit of these things.

View from the grandstands behind the pits. Looking straight across the track is a good shot of our setup. Joe McGinley's Big Black Motor home to the right With Norton Timmy and Billy to the left

The Pit cruiser for the weekend a BRANDY new 6 seater!

The whole gang is in and set up! Norton's rig to the left,Timmy Dreher's in the middle and Billy Allert's to the right. Looking good! Not pictured to the left of Norton is Joe McGinley and his monster Motor home.


Day one, all set up and ready to Rip. cars are in the pits 5 minutes from now racing begins.


The 2012 Grand Am weekend was great. The weather was Perfect! The pictures below are provided by Myself, Billy Allert, Tony Dolceamore and Don Pipo. I pulled in around 6PM Thursday to the roar of race cars. The proto type and GT cars were testing so I got a good 1/2 hour of racing straight away! The start of lots of racing ahead. They start running cars at 8 A.M. sharp and run some series of cars around that track for 8 hours a day for the next 3 days.

Pulled in and staked our claim! Literally drove spikes in the ground and taped it off. Good thing too, there was a pretty good crowd!