Da Boyz Car Club

More old tractors! A Minneapolis Moline I do believe!

Lets not forget that this whole show is staged in and around the grounds of an old very large and very active junk yard that was closed long ago and many cars still remain where they were left to die.

The Pumpkin cannon.

They have many building's dedicated to the old time racers and tracks from long ago. Loads of memorabilia and cars plus cars that people have restored.

Unique rat rods.

A fully functioning Steam tractor driving around.

Bill Allert sent the below pictures.

The Harley cart is sill looking good!

             Plenty of big tractors too!

Some really nice ones!

Cars almost as far as the eyes could see.

He's at it again. Give him an hour and look what he drags me back to see and of course we purchase.

Here's the one that started it all with the little tractors. John Fernandez' 1966 John Deere!

Hank started this hobby WAY after everyone yet he has completely restored 5 tractors that I know of with at least 3 more runners in his fleet. This is his exceptional Pennsylvania Panzer!

Thar she blows! Norton's old Speedex.

Behind that you see the Model A go cart That tony picked up at Carlisle.


Got there at 7:00 A.M.. Have to, in less than an hour the place was packed! As you can see we brought mostly tractors.

         Another angle


Hanks beautifully restored Bolens Ride-o-matic

Billy Allerts Wheel horse! He just finished the resto, And a fine one at that!

We all know about this, yet another of Billy alert's fine resto jobs. his Allis Chalmers .

Another great weather day for the annual Pumpkin run!! Certainly felt like September not November. As usual there was a huge crowd on hand with well over a thousand cars on display. Plus the usual crazy variety of tractors of all sizes, boats, tractor trailer tractors, Army equipment, old race cars plus the swap meet. That's just the stuff people brought. Not including all the stuff on hand at Flemings! Including the garden tractor pull, the fully functioning antique wood mill, the pumpkin chunkin cannon! And of course a small swap meet! Here's some shots of our day. More to come as they roll in.