Da Boyz Car Club

And of course there is the racing

The garage is always a great stop. So much cool stuff and extremely friendly. Pipo and I got some pretty cool info from a team member at Astin Martin that was real nice and gave us some great inside info .

Checking out the new Corvette!

As the pictures show, we had a pretty good set up as per usual and the location on the track is pretty good!

The 10 X 20 tent provided the perfect amount of shade. Pictured are, Don Pipo, Norton, Jimmy Anderson and Joe Mcginely. That's Joe's incredible motor home behind him..

Me and my Ole Pal Jimmy. Camping and cars that's what we like! I've been to allot of places with this old coot. what's next Jimmy?

These two knuckle heads including my self, to make 3, want to know who's ugly chair is this?

Well the 2014 Watkins Glen trip turned out to be an almost perfect weekend all around. Aside from mine and Jimmy Anderson's two and a half hour delay of our arrival time due to route 80 being closed in both directions, everything was great! The weather was near perfect, Hot during the mid day and cool in the morning and night! Great food, a couple nice adult beverages here and there, LOTS of cool cars and plenty of racing. Not to mention a good group of guys, Well except for that McGinley character! So here is some photo's and slide shows from the trip, more to follow as they come in