Da Boyz Car Club

I met Dick Applegate through Craig's list in our search for a new trailer for our various Parlay industries and Daboyz shenanigans!

I answered an add for the trailer and in speaking with Dick he laughed because he doesn't do computer stuff so a friend he knows put the add in for him and didn't tell Dick that he had posted it already, I was his fifth caller and the trailer wasn't even in the state! He didn't want to sell it exactly right then because he was using it! After speaking with him  and hearing all about the trailer I told him I wanted it! I just wanted to see it first.  He invited me to his house to show me pictures of the trailer.

I got to his beautiful home with WAY, WAY cool garage and this super nice guy!!!! Plus his 3 show piece cars. Check out his stuff in the pictures below and you know why I told him that day, I would buy the trailer site unseen. And the kind of guy he is wouldn't even take a deposit. A handshake is all he needs. My kind of guy!

You can click on any picture below and it will open to a photo gallery! You have to look closely at every inch of wall space. Dick has some great stuff every where and in impeccable order and condition! 

These cars are A1 top shelf cars. Mint Mint Mint! The Willy's was the class winner at the 2007 Autorama in Detroit. Biggest classiest car show there is. Invited cars only! All three of these cars have been in magazines! 

1st pictures are of his 1941 Willy's  powered by a Ray Barton 528 cid 800 hp Hemi hooked to a 727 valve body 3 speed automatic trans and a 9 inch ford rear.

2nd  car is a 1931 model A 5 window powered by a 400 h.p. 350 with 3  two barrel carbs and a Richmond long shaft 4 speed manual transmission with a 9 inch Ford rear.

3rd car is a 1940 ford 2 door sedan with a 330 h.p. small block and a 700 r4 transmission hooked to an 8 inch Ford rear.