Da Boyz Car Club

John and his wife Natalie are dear friends of mine and live in Asbury Park (the grey house in the background is theirs!). "The Thing" is a great car for the beach and they are getting a lot of good use out of it! Makes a great vehicle for carting around the paddle boards!

The waaaaay back!

There's Nat and their faithful puppy Bixby! Who by the way has his own instagram page, #bixbybythesea! These millennial dogs are just out of control! 

What do you mean I can't drive? Oh, that's right. I'm not old enough!

My buddy John is the newest member of this Knuckleheaded crew affectionately known as Da Boyz! He took the leap into old car ownership with the purchase of this 1973 VW Thing back in July of 2020. We went down to Maryland to pick this beauty up! Nice little adventure!