Da Boyz Car Club

This is truly and awesome track and pretty much any campsite on this track is good. After the big vote was taken and the majority all agreed these spots were good, so we rented them again for the 2014 Six hour race! Should be good with this whole new racing series.

UH OH! Clean up Isle 3! Wreck right in front of us.

The view from the other direction from our spot. Really is a good location for viewing.

We had a good crew with Timmy Dreher,Don Pipo, Gregg Dreher,Billy Allert, Joe Mcginely,Garry Berger and of course Norton.  

Timmy and Pipo doing a quick pit stop repair on a busted chair! We do it all here!

                The always important healthy breakfast!

The view from our site. Again, can't get much better than this!

                         The set up worked out good.


That's Joe Mcginley's super nice big rig. So the three of us were set up and looking good.

A little rain but no problem.

First nights stay.

    We got to the track Nice and early to start set up.

Grand Am weekend ! Berger, Billy and Norton arrived Thursday to Watkins Glen state park for an over nighter before heading to the track.