Da Boyz Car Club

And at the end of the night both these rides came home with a trophy! Ok, Ok, they give out 75 of them. But hey out of 300 cars? I'll take it!

Billy Allert brought along his really nice Bonanza mini bike. This thing is better than new and draws lots of attention evertime its shown!


Ron "wingnut" Kwiatkowski's Chevy powered Mustang convertible always looks good!

Tony "Marty Chipwood" Dolceamore's super nice 66 chevy pick up was towing his and Norton's latest project the 1973 Harley 3 wheeled Golf cart on a trailer and Norton's 1971 speedex tractor in the Bed. A truckload of fun there!


This is one clean truck!

Bob Stacy and Norton have a pretty nice Camaro as well! if I do say so myself!

Garry "Berger" Stamberger's super clean 560 always gets plenty of attention!

Here's a shot of the bow of one of Berger's, Verga Boats. As you can see the finish is Real nice! The Galaxie in the background is Tony's father, "pop's" Dolceamore's car. The very next day he traded it for a newer T-Bird!

Neighbor Hank and his Son Cory, seen here helping his son eat some chow before taking a spin around the show, brought their restored 1959 and 1958 Wheel Horse tractors. The Yellow Jeep is Tony's latest venture. A 1971 Navy Jeep! That real nice Mercedes in the background is Bergers 1987!

As usual there was a good variety of very nice cars! We had reserved 10 spots and brought our cars and Toys. Again, sorry I didn't get everyones car picture but when it came to picture time my camera broke! So we are lucky I got these from daboyz.

If it wasn't for Billy Allert and Tony Dolceamore I would have no pictures of the annual Rotary club car show. So thanks guys!

The show was good! I was told there were over 300 cars there and it sure looked that way. It's a nice annual local show thats for sure and the Point Pleasant boro rotary does a nice job!