Da Boyz Car Club

As you can see we weren't the only knuckleheads there. I still can't believe Billy and Timmy would dress up like that. Billy makes a good Elvis but Timmy as a Mexican cowboy I just don't know!?


Our seats were great. 4 rows up from here. Lots of pit action on the end of the straight away. race laps of 221mph

After Jim Nabors and Florence Henderson singing. It was the stealth Bomber and then Start your engines.

The drivers make their way to the cars.


Actress Ashley judd, Married to Dario Franchini. This chick was stalked all race. We were 4 rows up from her husbands pit for the race.

AJ Foyt. This friggin guy was every where!

Brent Musberger


Your ESPN Crew

Race day hoopla, There was lots of it. Pictured here are famous past drivers Jonny Rutherford and Parnelli Jones.

good old Emerson Fitapaldi

Matching hats. Isn't that special.

After setting up camp we did the museum and garage area. They had lots of cars representing almost all the years of the 500.

Shutter and Norton waiting to try and catch a glimpse of DANICA. Thats Billy's Girl.

The legendary driver Parnelli Jones at the Indy Museum

This roughing it is killing me.

Let's see, I know Norton's camper is around here some where? Can you say rough in a diamond?


We then set up

Tim Dreher in front of the rig testing out his elbow.


We arrived at the track Thursday Early. We were meeting Joe Mcginley and crew and his monster motor home so we could hook up next to each other. WELL due to the storms the feild was a mud pit and he got the coach stuck. It turned out to be a good thing. they moved us to a gravel lot whilst they got Joe un-stuck. Turned out to be a premeier location. just a few feet from the track. Basically the closest lot to the track you could get. It was us sorrounded by these MAJOR motor coaches!

Billy "shutter" Allert standing by one of the 3 lakes at our first nights campground. There were some big ass catfish caught while we were there. This was between the two storms.

Bill Allert, Timmy Dreher and Norton knocked off a piece of their Bucket list. The venture to the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500! And a fine time it was.

We left New Jersey Wed. and headed west. a very uneventful 12 hours of a 12 and 1/2 hour trip. perfect weather and perfect traffic conditions. But like I said that was for 12 of the 12 and 1/2. The last 1/2 was a mess. Blinding rain and hail and wind. We pulled into our overnight campsite "Indy Lakes" to the screeching of Tornado warning sirens and heavy rain! The rain continued for about a half hour but then cleared up. So we had time to "hook Up" the camper and make a cocktail. Indianapolis area was hit that night real hard with storms and we were told 22 tornados touched down. We were fortunate that it missed us completely.

Here's some pictures of the trip to get started. Billy "shutter" Allert will get me some more in a day or so.