Da Boyz Car Club

We're back from the big Watkins Glen 5 day road trip! Berger and Billy have been doing this for a few years now. Berger’s Brother Skip who lives near by has been going for many, many years. He rents two camp sites right on the track and I mean right on the track maybe 40 feet away! This is also on one of the more active parts of the road coarse for passing, crashing etc. The weather started out not looking so good with rain in the forecast for each day. And rain happened the day we arrived and the place was a mud pit. There were trucks and campers being pulled out of the mud left and right. It wasn’t raining at the time we arrived so we managed to slip and slide into our spot and get set up before the rain came again. It only rained on Thursday and a little on Friday then the weather was perfect the rest of the time. So Skip was there in his very nice motor home with his son Luke who set up a tent behind the motor home and had two friends Eric and Hank with him. We had Norton, Berger and his son Peter with his friend Dave and Billy with his son Danny. All the boys tented behind Norton’s camper. Between all our usual tent's and enclosures and cooking gear, Plus Billy has a good collection of race flags and banners we looked like we were professional race fans. It was quite an active weekend of racing which included The Indy cars with all the big names there. There were also Indy light series cars, along with the F2000 cars and two classes of GT cars. so basically from 8:00 A.M till 7:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday there were cars racing around the track between practices and qualifying and races there was always something going on around the track. There were fireworks 2 nights and Saturday night was a concert. Sunday, there were 2 lower class races in the morning followed by the main event 60 lap 200 mile Indy car race. It was all good stuff and we had a great time! There were probably at least a thousand campers there and what a nice facility in a very picturesque setting. Lots o food and beverage we highly recommend this. For sure!