Da Boyz Car Club

This page is dedicated to pics and stories of Mark from you

This is another one of my favs. This will be the basis for the new Da Boyz Car Club logo. Stay tuned for it's debut sometime in the not so distant future. 

This pic was taken later in the week from the one above. Lot's of shake down cruises that summer of 2019. 

Hey Mark! Quick! Someone is interested in the Harley cart! Now get Barbie off the tractors! Yup. Character!

Speaking of Auto Mania, January of 2014 Mark and I rented a booth for the weekend and brought Fall Carlisle to Allentown! Too cold for camping so we crashed at a Marriott Courtyard and hung out with my Cousin Al for dinner one night. Lot's of people looking that weekend but not many of them buying. But as per usual, we had a ton of fun and met a bunch of characters. 

Thanks Scott Griseto for sending these pics from Watkins Glenn. They went a few times so he wasn't sure of the year, but Mark really enjoyed those weekends. 

I couldn't let Mark have all the fun! I picked up this 1961 in the spring of 2019 and yes, Mark helped me pick it up. We trailered it to the hanger and took this pic.

Thank Jessica for sending this drawing of you and your dad cruising in the Corvette. I know he was very excited about this picture and so extremely proud of you and all your accomplishments. Special thanks to Sara Gemind, one of Jessica's very best friends from Marymount Manhattan who created this drawing!

Saturday October 3rd, 2020 Gary Stamberger hosted a car show/memorial in Mark's honor

Tony, Billy, Hank, Warren, & Greg. Timmy and Pipo were just out of this shot!

Thanks Sandra for sending the following pics of Mark with his prized Corvette. I'll try to do the descriptions justice!

Looks like it's never to early for a shake down cruise with chief mechanic Wing Nut after everything is back in! New front end, check. Engine, check. Transmission, check. Power Steering and Brakes, check. Hood, hmmmm? This is from mid-June 2019.

This is one of my favorites.  Somehow it seems appropriate to be at the top of this page. It's from the first booth we rented at Fall Carlisle, circa 2000. This was located across from spots we purchased the following year, NF17/18/19. I think EVERYBODY had shit, I mean rusty gold, they brought up to sell that year!

No matter what the event, you never had a problem finding Mark. Just look for Kitchen Stadium and there he was in all his glory!

One of those characters was Junkyard Barbie. We met her a few months prior to this at the Pumpkin run. She owned a Pic A Part junkyard near Philly. We never ventured out for a visit. 

First car show, first trophy! This was the annual Point Pleasant Rotary Car Show at Crystal Point Marina, August 21st 2019. Proud owner and proud mechanic! 

"New Guy" Tom Casserly, Scott Griseto, Mark, Tim Dreher

It was a beautiful day. Fitting as it would have been the weekend of Fall Carlisle. Berger had the hot dogs going and everyone brought "beverages" as we toasted our dear friend Mark. 

How about one of Mark in motion! The smile says it all!

Thanks Berger for sending this pic of Mark and Bob Stacy working on the Vette in your garage in December of 2018. That convertible top was in great shape, but like anyones favorite T-Shirt from high school, was a bit tight around the mid-section!

Here's video I've had for a couple of years. I bought this Mini Jeep to give the nieces and nephews rides. Plus it was just plain fun! When it was delivered, of course Mark was there to help me put it together and took the first ride! Kinda looks like Magilla Gorilla, doesn't he?

Another Da Boyz event that hopefully will be an annual one. Thank again Berger for hosting! 

Second car show, Second trophy! This was the 40th Annual Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County, September 7th 2019 held in Seaside Heights. It's a fun show that continues to grow year after year. A bunch of the crew attends each year and this year was no different. Always fun to see cool cars and talk with cool car guys!

Here's one from Auto Mania at the Allentown Fairgrounds from a couple years ago. It wasn't only a trip to peruse automotive delights, but also the annual pilgrimage to the farmers market across the street for Scrapple. If you have to ask what Scrapple is, you're not from the greater Philadelphia area!