Da Boyz Car Club

Lastly we have Hank. This maniac got in this hobby only two years ago. He has a bunch of cool tractors and will have his own page soon! Here is just a few of hid toys.

In searching for parts for our tractors Tony and I found this one. We just had to have it! 

So John was first Billy was second Tony was third and I got sucked in next. I found this cool and a bit different 1971 Speedex S19

Tony Dolceamore found the below wheel horse at a garage sale literally around the block from his house for 50 bucks! can't leave it there for that! It is in the middle of restoration as we speak. More pics on his page

Before and during  the restoration of the Allis Chalmers it was a working fool! The above tractor on the trailer is taking it's place.

Next up was Billy Allert, Below are pictures of his Fleet of tractors.

Here is the one that started it all! John Fernandez and his 1966 110 with factory add on hydraulics.

Below the green ones are all of Johns prize possessions.

Thiswhole tractor thing started quite a long time ago.  John Fernandez is to blame here for all this. At one of Bergers fall bashes John came up to me and said that he needed help the next day going to look at a John Deere he saw at some guys house. He picks me up at 8:00 A.M. and off we go. Severely hung over we go to this house. Nice tractor, so John starts beating the guy up on price. Before you know it I think the guy paid John to take it! So now here we are loading this thing into the truck. Thus it began! Since then John has picked up 4 JD's. restored all but one. The three he redid look like new and he works the other one like a dog. As usual no pictures! But I'm working on him. The next guy up was Billy Allert. He purchased an Allis Chalmers at Carlisle one year. He started restoring that, and continues to do so. He also purchased a newer Wheel Horse to do his yard work. in between time he found an old Wheel Horse. An early 60's model that he plans on restoring. If you've seen the go karts and mini bikes you know that the tractors will look perfect when he's done. Tony was next. He found a 1962 Wheelhorse around the corner from his house and got it Dirt cheap. Billy has it right now getting it running and then it's paint time. Now I'm involved. John, Tony and I went to the pumkin run and that was it. I started looking and wound up with an old Speedex.