Da Boyz Car Club

Sunday Sucked!!!! Very little crowd. We were both bored to death and tired. One funny thing happened though. Some guy came in the booth and was checking out the model A truck go cart. He was really interested in it. Tony and him started going back and forth with numbers and couldn't come to terms. Especially since while talking with Tony he had seen it in Carlisle where we bought it and said he was just coming back to buy it when Tony and Pipo pulled up in the Harley Cart and bought it, just seconds before he got there. Show was supposed to go till 3 but it was dead! So Tony and I started to pack it in. Half way through packing it in the guy that Tony was going back and forth with on the Model A caved (not without another little fight) but he bought it! So AGAIN at the 11th hour a parting sale saved the weekend from being a bust!. All our expenses were paid Parlay made very little but a plus is better than a minus and Tony and I made a couple bucks each extra. And we have some interested folks in a couple of our golf carts SO, all was not lost and it was still fun!

Ok well we are back from the weekend Automania show! Kind of a small show. I heard there were about 3500 people there on Saturday which is the busiest and longest day. I'm going to guess maybe 300 vendor spaces or so. Tony and I got there early Friday morning, at like 8:30 only to be told we couldn't set up our booth till 11:00 because our booth was in front of the only door where vehicles could get in and out! You know last one in first one out! (would have been nice if they told us when we rented the space) but after getting our wrist bands and moving the truck we were able to unload way before that, it was all good. So Friday was a bit slow. I had brought along a few of my own personal die cast collectible cars to sell and a few sold right away! Tony also brought a candy machine of his own which after bantering with this very interesting guy all day. He finally gave in and bought it. So by closing on Friday Tony and I on are own personal stuff seemed to be starting out ok but our combined Parlay Industries didn't do squat. Saturday rolled around and was major disappointing. Pretty good turn out and NO buyers! Some REAL interested people on the Harley Cart and the Castrol model A go cart! But in the end nothing. So we sold a few things but not even enough to pay the weekend bill! BUT, Timmy Dreher and Tommy "New Guy" Casserly stopped by to check out the show and they hung for a couple hours and Tony's cousin Al stopped in Friday and Saturday. Plus we had a good time with some of the pretty neat people we met throughout the day so it wasn't all bad!