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Parlay Industries

Welcome to the Parlay Industries section of Daboyzcarclub.com. Parlay Industries was formed as an extension to Da Boyz Car Club's fall Carlisle swap meet booth. Same premise, we buy or have STUFF, we clean it up, fix it up, play with it then sell it whenever that may be. Parlay also buys STUFF so if you have something kicking around, Old tools, toys, bikes, cars, WHATEVER, give us a shout!

Gas powered 1975 Harley Davidson two stroke (runs good) NEW tires NEW seats NEW base coat clear coat paint job NEW floor mat NEW diamond plate body trim Custom made one off Harley Davidson rear foot rest. Custom made one off hinged rear deck lid (solid oak with gold leaf lettering and 8 coats of varnish) Custom hand rails for back deck lid passengers Custom lights. Headlight fabricated to fit on steering tiller from a 1940's Plymouth with two teardrop tail lights. Some additional details about this cool cart. The restoration is only a few month old. Here's the history. During a race weekend where we rented a golf cart to get around the pits (summer of 2012), we decided to buy a cart for a winter project so we'd have it for the race weekend the next summer. That's how this bright idea started. We spent all last fall, winter, and spring working on it in our spare time and the work was completed in June 2013. Only problem, the race was canceled this past summer. So we played with it around the block and at 1 car show this summer and 1 this fall but that is the extent of its usage since the restoration was completed. Here's a little more about the restoration. We bought the cart from a mechanic who had it running in top shape. He used it to get around his property and kept it in his shop. Mechanically it was in good shape, but it was 37 years old and needed to be freshened up. We took the body off the frame and brought it to a friend here in town who owns a body shop and it was professionally painted, base coat/clear coat black and orange. The tires and rims are brand new. We painted the white rims orange to match the theme. We bought brand new seats with the black and orange color scheme, and bolted them to the original, but painted steal backing plate. We took the light from an old Plymouth and replaced the 6 volt bulb with a 12 volt and wired it to a switch located on the dash. The LED tail lights are simply wired with the headlight. We built the rear deck lid/trunk out of oak, laid the Harley Davidson Script along with our car club name, then put down tons of varnish. each side of the trunk has stainless steel grab handles. Our thought was that someone could sit and ride on the trunk, so we built the custom "Harley Davidson" foot rest out of steel and painted it black and the letters orange. It's a really cool ride!

Update 12/1/20: We played with this for a while and sold it at Fall Carlisle 2017. It was a drunk purchase because the guy was LOADED and the next day we saw it on the other side of the fairgrounds with a for sale sign on it for the same price! I've since seen it pop up on Facebook Marketplace a couple times since then. It was a fun project and one that I'll cherish because Mark and I worked on it together. 

The Harley cart