Da Boyz Car Club

Dad had to get the daughter a cool rig for hauling ole Silver around so check out this rig. He's having living quarters done in it as we speak.

Joes so into horse power he even got his daughter her own personal horsepower ride. A bit different from Dads!

Super fast 2008 Mustang GT 500. 500 H.P. of pure fun. I've been in it, it has the get up thats for sure. Pictured here trackside at Raceway parks road course.

Pics of Joe's Hauler. 2009 Chevy Duramax

Joe had this Fresh motor done up for himself and he tries to get out to as many events as possible. I gotta get some pictures from him on his hauling rig. Pretty hot set up for sure! .

He is currently racing a 1992 full race built Camaro with a 565 cid powerplant putting out 1020 H.P.. He runs in the super gas class. Times are in the 7.80 second area at about 173 MPH in the quarter mile.

Joe used to race drag bikes. This is him launching back in the day. Bike: Fastest- 8.36 sec. @ 164 mph. AMA Prostar Super Comp National number 2 in 1993. Four National Event wins. Suzuki based 1500cc motor putting out over 215 HP!

Here's some pics of Joe Eckels stuff. Just added were these shots of Joe's earlier racing years.